Happy Halloween?

We don’t usually get snow this early in the season.

Except in 1991. That was the year of the great halloween blizzard.

We had so much snow we could not get out of our garage.

I called my boss and told him our alley hadn’t been plowed so I couldn’t drive to work. But I could walk to the cross street that had been plowed if he wanted to come pick me up. He said his car was in the only clear spot in the whole lot so he wasn’t moving it.

In both cases, I got to stay home.



Closet Stash

Yesterday I decide to dust inside Dave’s closet.

I couldn’t believe all the things we had stashed in there.

From top left: box for current modem containing tools related to it, extra throw pillows, an empty storage container, an old printer & power cube that work but we no longer use, empty boxes for memory cards Dave thought he might send back and phones for which he thought we might need proof of purchase, a shopping bag we thought we might reuse, a huge comforter for a bed we no longer own, and another empty box for Dave’s current laptop.

Lower shelf

On a lower shelf we had: an empty box for headphones that reside elsewhere, a small pillow no one uses, an interesting storage bag we might find a use for someday. a yellow folding campstool that is no longer steady but Dave thinks he might still use, a cooler bag we do occasionally use, blue bags that will never get mended, a green carry bag we were gifted seven years ago we have never used, and a laptop desk Dave decided he didn’t like.

Plus, hiding under Dave’s shirts, old shoes he never wears, a set of blue cables for something, and a blueprint of a railroad town we used to model. To say nothing of the shirts hanging in there that he never wears, either.

I’m pretty sure everything in there except the cooler bag and, maybe, those blue cables could go away and we would never miss them. We’ll tackle those items together tomorrow and see where we wind up.

The next day: The shelves now hold the modem box, the cooler bag, the yellow stool, and the empty laptop box. The blue cables (ethernet) got moved to join the rest of the electronics stuff. The green carry bag got moved to Dave’s stuff to become his laptop carrying bag. One pair of walking shoes stayed in hopes of Dave being able to start walking again.

Everything else either got trashed or donated.

OK, will be donated; probably tomorrow.

Except, maybe, the excess shirts. Dave crashed before he got to them so, unless that happens before the donation run, they will stay awhile yet.

Still that’s much better than it was.