Starter Words

Some days are just too easy.

The easiest was the day the word to discover was TRAIN.

The day the word was BRAIN was only a teensy bit harder.

But, not all days are easy. One of the hardest is when I have four right letters in the right places but there are too many options for the fifth letter.

Like the words paver, pager, paper, and pacer.

Those days can be irritating.



Double Whammy!

Antibiotics do nothing for viral infection thus they are not prescribed for Covid.

I, however, had a symptom that concerned me so I called the nurse to ask about it.

She offered to call 911 for me as she didn’t like how I sounded on the phone.

Instead I had Dave drive me to the ER.

They poked and prodded and did lots of tests without giving me any feedback at all.

Two hours later I demanded to know how long they planned to keep me there.

They responded that they were trying to find me a bed.

I didn’t want a bed, I just wanted to know what was happening.

They didn’t want to tell me so I said would someone, please, come remove all these wires because I am going home.

They said they would call my doctor who would come see me, likely in about 20 minutes.

I said I wasn’t waiting 20 more minutes and began removing my own tubes and wires.

The doctor showed up fairly quickly and said I had a bacterial infection as well as covid so they wanted to start me on antibiotics and admit me so they could watch for complications.

I said I could take the antibiotics at home and continued to remove my IV.

They came back with discharge papers, assuring me I could return if I got worse, and asked Dave to watch me carefully.

So, I am home, taking the antibiotics and recovering well.

Where I could sleep when I felt the need and eat only those foods that went down easily–wet foods which did not stick in my dry throat.

BTW, the tests proved a lot of things I did NOT have which I found out by logging onto my records once I got home.

Why would they think I shouldn’t have a part in the decision making?




We have a house guest. Yes, Covid 19 is now living in our apartment.

dave developed a bad head cold Sunday evening. so, early Monday he went to Walgreens to buy Nyquil. while there he bought a covid test kit. Yup, positive.

Tuesday evening Linda developed a post nasal drip so she took some Nyquil at bedtime, too.

Wednesday morning Linda woke up with a throat so sore that swallowing was painful. her covid test was very positive.

Linda also developed a bad case of the chills. couldn’t make her finger hit the right keys. Please excuse all the typos.

Linda’s doctor is prescribing medicine reserved for the most vulnerable. apparently being old and diabetic with high blood pressure makes me vulnerable.

so, we’ll cuddled up at home for the next 10 days.

not that we don’t do that most days, anyway.