Memory Decluttering

No I’m not suggesting you need to clean out your mind. You might need to do that sometime but that’s not today’s topic. Today’s topic is a method for downsizing physical things.

It’s simply this:

Decide on one area you want to clean out. It might be your clothes closet or a specific kitchen cupboard or some place else.

Walk away from that space.

Now make a list of everything you remember having in that space.

Since you didn’t remember some things, those are, obviously, things you don’t regularly use. Get rid of them.




Valuable clothes

I think my most valuable clothes might be my socks.

I only wear wool socks.

Those that have at least 50% merino wool.

They keep my feet a comfortable temperature all year around.

They even keep my feet warm when they are wet.

And merino doesn’t hold odors so my feet don’t smell bad.

Add to those my Crocs and my feet are ready for anything I ask of them.

Rain, snow or sun.

I do, however, change into a dry pair when I get home.

Not because the socks stop working.

But because I don’t like leaving wet footprints when inside.



Canned Meat Ideas

Sometimes an RVer just doesn’t feel like doing a lot of cooking. So, lately, some RV friends have been discussing using canned meat.

When I was traveling solo in my van I needed weight in the right front corner to make up for having no passenger. So I put a bag of tools and a bin of canned goods there to help balance my vehicle’s load.

Here’s some of my ideas and experiences from carry that bin of canned food.

Stir together equal amounts of mayonnaise and sour cream. Add generous amounts of onion powder and dill weed. Drain and stir in a can of baby shrimp. Add part of a bag of broccoli slaw. Serve.

In a 2-cup microwave-safe bowl lightly beat an egg with some seasonings. Drain a can of salmon and stir into egg. Microwave 3 minutes. Food will be pulling away from edges of bowl but will be damp in the middle Let it set until it firms up. This is good with cranberry sauce and a green salad.

Microwave a baking potato. Top with butter and/or sour cream. Drain and add a can of tuna. Add seasonings, as desired. Serve with fruit.

Stir together equal amounts of mayonnaise and pickle relish. Add drained chicken or tuna or ham. Serve on crackers with veggie sticks alongside.

Buy individual cups of instant mashed potatoes. Cook potatoes then stir in any canned meat and some Ranch dressing. Serve with fruit.

My mother’s uncle invented this one when he was home alone. Pour a can of green beans into a skillet over medium heat. Open a can of Vienna sausages and slice them onto the green beans. Cook until heated through. Drain and add seasonings. Break an egg or two onto it and stir until egg is scrambled. Serve.

I hope these ideas will give you a place to start making up your own combinations.