I read this this recently:

“Prime your environment to make the next action easy.”

I do this. I call it setting flags.

The night before I plan to cut my toenails, I set out the clippers to remind me.

On Sunday, when my newspaper’s on-line comics are expanded, that reminds me to do my weekly computer backups.

When a box of tissues somewhere in the house is getting low, I set a full box on the bathroom counter as soon as I enter the bathroom to remind me to take it with me.

When I need to go somewhere, the night before I put my hearing aids on the desk so I don’t leave them at home by my TV watching chair where they normally sit. (No I don’t wear them all day. Just when watching TV or Dave and I sit down to discuss something.)

When I need to take medicine at regularly scheduled times, I set the medicine in a visible spot, though I sometimes set a timer, too, to remind me. When I have a cold or something that makes my brain foggy, I also write down what I took when since I can’t count on my memory at that point. That flag keeps me from overdosing.

During the pandemic, I hang a mask from the water bottle that stays with my TravelScoot so I won’t leave the house without one.

Do you set flags?




Dave and I got quite a laugh out of this one:

I collected lots of data then made a list of candidates for whom I wished to vote. Unfortunately, my list was not in the same order as those on the ballot so it took a while to vote even with the list. I sure did appreciate being able to go to Plymouth City Hall and vote early, though, instead of all the hours I’ve spent waiting in line to vote previously. Yes, there was a line but it was not long and moved quickly.

I’m not sure voting makes much of a difference but I have a policy that, if I don’t vote, I don’t get to complain about the results. 🙂