Day 31 Route 66

Our fist stop today was Peach Springs, Arizona. This town is about as far from the freeway as we’ve been for quite awhile so Dave thought it would be a good place to test our Wilson Trucker’s antenna and booster. My phone is a T-Mobil and Dave’s is AT&T. Neither one was getting a signal to boost so we still aren’t sure our antenna system works.

Next we stopped at the Hackberry General Store. This place was advertised as one that would bring a smile to the most road weary person. It lived up to its billing. If you are ever in this vicinity, don’t miss this one.


In Kingman, Arizona, we ate lunch at Mr D’z. Great decor! Ordinary food.


Then we crossed the street to the Powerhouse Museum to see their Route 66 display. This was well worth the small admission they charge.  There are very few cars I recognize on sight but for some reason Studebaker is one so I felt smart when I saw this one.  I recognized that Edsel the other day, too, since we had one of those for a while.


I was not feeling well so we decide to stop for the night here at the Fort Beale RV Park.  We covered enough ground today there just wasn’t as much stuff to see along it except for more great Burma Shave signs.



Day 30 Route 66

Yesterday the wind kept us in camp again but today the rooster and my sinuses got me up at 6 a.m. so we were on the road by 9.

In Holbrook, Arizona, we saw one of the Wigwam Motels. I want to stay in one but it can’t be today.

Near Joseph City we stopped at the Jackrabbit Trading Post with it’s famous sign. Dave thought it important to get a picture of the jackrabbit but he wouldn’t climb on it first.


I bought my own pair of moccasins here so Dave can have his back again. We are getting a kick out of the fact that we sold our home in Minnesota, traveled for nearly six months, then bought me a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins which are made in Minnesota one suburb over from our former house.

Looking ahead at he mountains we see snow. Must keep moving.

In Winslow, Arizona, I kept my promise to only do Route 66 things until we get past the bad weather so we didn’t stop at the Standing on the Corner places.  We did stop at WalMart and Flying J and to get this pictures of La Posada Hotel.

We also stopped at the Meteor City Trading Post but since I already bought my moccasins we stayed outside and took these pictures. Big map. Big dreams.


We also stopped at the former Twin Arrows Trading Post but there’s no longer anything there worth seeing.

There are patches of snow along the road and the weather is 44 degrees and sunny at 1:30 in the afternoon–quite pleasant inside but a tad nippy when we get out. So we don’t do it much.

In Flagstaff, Arizona, we stopped at the Museum Club. I thought this former roadhouse was now a museum but it appears to still be a bar so we didn’t go in.

Here’s another iconic motel–The Western Hills. Sorry about the Jiffy Lube sign but this was the best I could get.

We choose not to camp in the snow but as we drove by the Kit Carson RV Park I saw lots of other RVers made a different decision.

Williams, Arizona, bills itself as the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. Sometime when it’s warmer I’d like to camp here and ride the train into the canyon. There are several RV parks here but there is also snow so we kept moving.

Route 66 across this part of Arizona has a bunch of Burma Shave signs. We are enjoying reading them.

Finally, we reached Seligman, Arizona, our destination for today. The Snow Cap Drive-In was closed so we ate at the Historic Copper Kettle and took several pictures of downtown Seligman. Judging by the vehicles parked around town, they take their history seriously.


Then we pulled into a gas station for fuel and discovered a small RV park out back.  So we parked there for the night.  At least we appear to be past the snow.