First sentence

A great book starts with a sentence that immediately draws you into the story.

The sentence I thought up this morning was:

“So,” I wondered, “did I kill her or not?”

I immediately wanted to know who was the speaker? Who was the victim? Why did he think he might have killed her? Why didn’t he know if he killed her?

I don’t know about you but if I picked up a book that started with that sentence, I would immediately go on reading the rest of it. Probably not stopping until all my questions were answered.




Distraction is what minimalism is about.

Not being able to decide what shoes to wear because you have so many from which to choose.

Not being able to decide which social forum to go to first. Or next.

Not being able to do what’s most important because what feels most urgent gets in the way.

Minimalists get rid of the distractions so as to be able to focus on the important.

That’s it.



What moon?


Click the picture to enlarge it.

I think that looks like a half moon.

Does it look like that to you?

It’s not.

It’s a full moon.

Halfway through a lunar eclipse.

Which is a good example of what we think we see is influenced by what we already know–that which is familiar to us.

And that happens with more than just the moon.