Fort Frederica

Another day; another fort. That seems to be what we visit most lately. I guess that’s what happens when you search out history sites along a country’s coastline. But this fort is different. OK, the fort itself is not but the surroundings are.

We started, as usual, in the visitor center. The movie was already playing for other visitors so we were invited to enjoy the exhibits while we waited. I enjoyed the games on display. They had written instructions for you to play them. This one is called Bagatelle and I’ve read in books about people playing it  but I had no idea it was so much like pinball or pachinko. In this one you use a wooden rod to push the not-very-round balls up the channel on the right. I had Dave quickly calculate my score because the movie was starting again. We think I got 225 but are not sure of that.

pict3533  pict3536 pict3535

Then we went exploring. This time I got to go too because this park provides golf carts to their visitors who want them.


So, I drove carefully across the bridge over the first moat into the town.  

pict3537 pict35391

There  are only foundations left of that colony but they give us an idea of how small the houses were.

pict3545 pict3546 pict35421 pict3548 pict3562 pict3565

James Eward Ogelthorp invited people with myriad skills to come to his new colony. Archaeologists have been busy here studying many documents to figure out who lived and worked where. Most of the colonists had a business as part of their house. Here’s a sample of them.

pict35401 pict3543 pict3551 pict3561 pict3563 pict35661

Then we crossed another moat and came to the fort itself.

pict3552 pict3554 pict3555 pict3557 pict3558 

So, another day; another fort. And we haven’t even started on the Civil War ones yet.



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    –Joe Fugate

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