Mail Rant

I’m angry. If you don’t want to listen just move on.

We pay to have our mail sent to us. No one can mail something to us without us paying again to have it forwarded to us. We choose to do this as part of our fulltime RVing lifestyle and we love to hear from friends and family who can’t email us instead.

But! I hate paying for advertising to be sent to us. Companies who send us birthday cards–often to Dave on my day and to me on Dave’s day don’t make us feel “closer” to them.

And why do campground organizations insist on mailing directories to us when that same information is all available in more current form on-line?

This rant today is prompted by having received a catalog from a company with which we have never done any business!  This company is located in the same town as our mail forwarding company. Why would they mail catalogs for a local store to people using a mail forwarding business as their address?

They offered no information as to how to contact them by email within that catalog but a Google search found them instantly. I ranted directly to them also so I expect to get no more catalogs from them. I hope.

In the meantime, if you need anything having to do with a bicycle, please do that business somewhere other than at Spoke-n-Sport in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.



3 thoughts on “Mail Rant”

  1. You’re certainly going to have a lot of people agreeing with you! Because many of us feel exactly the same way.

  2. Linda,
    I told my mail forwarding service that I only wanted catalogs that had to do with camping or motorcycles. They toss everything else…as well as the direct mail crap that we all manage to collect. No extra charge….

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