No Paso

I am in Texas.

At Exit #2.

At the Welcome Center in Anthony, Texas.

Which my RVing friends will recognize as being on the western edge of El Paso.

I’m headed east.

It is 5:00 pm on a weekday.

Do I want to drive through El Paso during a weekday afternoon rush hour?

No, I do not.

So I’ll probably sit right here all night.

I have fast internet so maybe I’ll watch some Netflix. Or do some internet shopping. Or something.


It is going to be a long evening.

But, I made it to Texas without blowing off the road and that counts for a lot.



3 thoughts on “No Paso”

  1. as you know. . . texas is another country! be safe dear rv braveheart. netflix and popcorn a perfect long evening in my book! 🙂 here’s to a future smooth ride and just the right amount of wind at your back!

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