An exciting day on the road

It’s a good thing Dave is an excellent driver. He got to practice some freeway maneuvers today.

He was in a lane left of a truck and about 100 feet back preparing to pass it when he saw part of its load tip a bit. Since there was no one directly behind Dave, he was able to hit the brakes. Fortunately, the port-a-pot that fell off the truck had no brakes so it managed to slide off onto the shoulder by the time Dave came even with it. No harm; no foul. And no need to head straight for a truck wash.

A much more pleasurable event of the day was meeting up with friends Steve and Carol. They were the first full-time RVers we met when we hit the road back in 2008. We’ve met up with them several times since then in both Arizona and Oklahoma. This time they are back in their home state of Oklahoma so they met there and had lunch at a restaurant by an airfield. That scenery would have made Dave happy since he has always liked planes. And, of course, getting to see Steve and Carol again even though Dave is no longer RVing was a treat. He said it was a good visit which probably means great since Dave is a master of understatement.

So, now Dave is about halfway home and I am pleased by that.



ps. Yes, my shower is fixed. No, the underlayment was not damaged. Yay!

6 thoughts on “An exciting day on the road”

  1. That certainly was a close call. Glad he didn’t get that yuck on him either – Phew! It was also nice that he got to visit with Steve and Carol. It makes a nice break in a long trip too.

  2. Way too close for my comfort. Way to go Dave at being alert and able to stop. I have to agree – Dave is definitely the master of understatement. Fun that he got to meet up with Carol and Steve. And no big repairs on the rig – that is really good news.

  3. Linda,
    Glad to hear your motorhome is fixed, and everybody and everything is ok.
    Can I ask why you did not go down with Dave to get the motorhome fixed?

  4. Yea! So glad Dave had a good trip and meeting up with god friends is a bonus.

  5. wow…. that was a close call for sure… glad he got to meet with old friends and HAHaaa master of understatement… glad your RV is all well….

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