What moon?


Click the picture to enlarge it.

I think that looks like a half moon.

Does it look like that to you?

It’s not.

It’s a full moon.

Halfway through a lunar eclipse.

Which is a good example of what we think we see is influenced by what we already know–that which is familiar to us.

And that happens with more than just the moon.



2 thoughts on “What moon?”

  1. ” And that happens with more than just the moon. ”
    truer words were never spoken!
    I guess I should have been born Celtic. or druid or whatever.
    I find the moon affects my mood and well being in very definite ways.
    at least I Think it does!
    if it’s strong enough to make a difference in the tides of our oceans…
    why shouldn’t/couldn’t it make a difference in Us?
    my argument anyway! I suppose I need to research it all. but ….
    lol. ah. well.

  2. Thanks! I knew it was supposed to happen, but we didn’t even bother to look.

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