Minimalist question

I just read something that started me thinking about needs.

“What did pioneer women pack in their covered wagons?”

Why would I need more than that?

My understanding is all their meals were cooked using one cast iron skillet and one Dutch oven. How many pots and pans do I really need?

I pretty much only use one chef’s knife and one serrated steak knife. Why do I have all those others in my knife block? OK, a second steak knife for Dave to use seems reasonable but six of them? We don’t have company for meals in our apartment. And why do we have a potato peeler even though we no longer cook?

How about coats? I have a rain-resistant windbreaker and a polar fleece jacket. Wearing those alone or combined depending on the weather is enough, isn’t it? At least, if I add my scarf, hat and insulated gloves. So, what’s with the extra coat? Surely it could be keeping someone else warm this winter.

I think most pioneer women had one pair of shoes and one pair of boots. I wear my Crocs with wool socks exclusively. Why do I have other footwear in my closet since I never wear them?

I did get rid of all my books when I got an e-reader so I am ahead of that one.

I need to think more about this.



2 thoughts on “Minimalist question”

  1. Good thinking. I am purging clothes, watches, computers, keyboards, mice, and tools that I know my kids do not want. Heck they don’t even want my guns save one son who only wants one.

    I realize I am a consumer oriented type too. I have everything I want and backups for each. And now TEMU comes along. I hope to clean everything out down to only needs, no extras, before we die so our kids don’t have to sort through stuff. It’s not old stuff but they don’t want desks and antique heavy wood furniture. So we are having appraisers in and selling them too. Lynn want to sell her collections (Hummels antiques) and I am already selling mine (watch collection, tools, desks) We define ourselves by things and stuff. There are better things to define ourselves by, like honor, truth, love, kindness, loyalty and generosity of spirit. Be well Linda! You are a bit of a Pioneer in reality.

  2. Derek said it perfectly. You are a bit of a pioneer in reality. I’m very slowly working through my stuff. Jim’s stuff is mostly gone which is a help. But I’ve seemed to have expanded into his closet space. That must end.

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