Shopping Day

While being a tourist is fun you can’t do it all the time. There are still chores to be done wherever and however you live. So today is shopping day.

First stop, Napa Auto Parts. Our oil is low. Our engine is a Mercedes Benz and it requires a type of oil not readily available. We weren’t too surprised when Napa didn’t have it.

Second stop–Publix Food. We managed to get some groceries we’ve been having trouble finding at WalMarts lately.

Driving up the US 95 towards Kingsland, Georgia, we lost our turbo again. I asked Dave how he could tell while driving on the flats and he said there was a sudden drop in the manifold pressure. So we got off the highway at the next exit and found an abandoned building with a circular drive where we could safely stop. Turning the engine off, waiting a couple of minutes, and turning it back on again resets everything so our turbo is back. An easy ramp back up to the freeway and we are on our way again.

We stopped at a Georgia visitor center to get a new highway map. I really appreciate that states give us these maps that I can fold, spindle, and mutilate however I want to make them most useful to us. I write all over them, too, circling places we need to be able to find on them.

Then we went to Ace Hardware trying to buy new tips for my cane. I wore one completely though so Dave made me a temporary cover from duct tape but I’ll feel much safer when we get real tips in it again. Unfortunately, Ace only had 7/8″ and I need 3/4″.

Then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Have I told you yet how much I like their roast beef and hashbrown casserole? And the fact that they serve me enough of it to make two meals out of it? Yum!

A search on Dave’s iPhone for medical equipment found Jones Medical Equipment just up the street from us and they assured me they have cane tips but they hung up before I could ask about size. Yup. We got there OK but they had a choice of too small or too large. They recommended Rainbow Drug in Brunswick, Georgia.

But we’re not going that far today so we pulled into Crooked River State Park where they told us to feel free to take any empty spot. We choose #8. The whole area is one big grassy field with trees and electrical boxes scattered around. ┬áThe ground is lumpy but that mean moving a few inches once way or another is likely to get you level enough. It would be a good place to have an RV rally, I think. Do you happen to know anyone looking for such a place around here?



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