Yes, I finally started exercising fairly regularly. Most mornings I do a few minutes of calisthenics. Following the Primal Body guidelines, I’m trying to do mostly exercises where my own body weight creates the resistance. Things like push-ups which I have to do against the wall since I can’t kneel on my metal knees to get to/from a standard pushup position.

I want to add pull-ups. But I have no place to do them. OK, let’s clarify that. I have lots of space but no bar. You can buy a bar that fits over a door frame but our door frames go right to the ceiling so there is no “over” available.

I knew from our before moving in tour of this apartment complex that there is a workout room with equipment in it so when Dave decided he’d go check out the equipment I sent my camera with him and this is what he came back with.


See any place to do pull-ups there?

Nope, me neither.

Soon it will be warm enough to go looking for a park playground that has pull-up bars, though, right? And since we all know I can’t actually DO a pull-up, I can start then with the preparing your body to do pull ups exercises shown here: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/#axzz1rltuLn6c. Wish me luck.



ps. I’m on the weight roller coaster at the moment–lots of ups and downs. Fortunately, I’m losing more than I’m gaining so the trend is still the right direction but I’d sure like to see another long downward trend.


5 thoughts on “Exercising”

  1. You’ve done a great job at sticking with your diet and exercises. Good for you and congratulations because I’m sure you’ll find the perfect place that will work.

    See ya down the road!!

  2. You have done so well with your weight loss. I am really jealous. But sooo happy for you. And I can hardly wait to see the Van.

  3. Very Nice workout room.
    How you and Dave are enjoying are great weather – lol

    I saw that you were designing a new RV. How close are you at this process?
    Can’t wait to see the final design…

    Take care,
    Hope to talk to you soon.

    Jeff Hop

  4. I’d be using the treadmill and recumbent bicycle in that work out room. Don’t think I’d be able to do a pull up anymore. Ugh! I’m on my fourth try of trying to decipher those miserable characters!

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