First sentence

A great book starts with a sentence that immediately draws you into the story.

The sentence I thought up this morning was:

“So,” I wondered, “did I kill her or not?”

I immediately wanted to know who was the speaker? Who was the victim? Why did he think he might have killed her? Why didn’t he know if he killed her?

I don’t know about you but if I picked up a book that started with that sentence, I would immediately go on reading the rest of it. Probably not stopping until all my questions were answered.



2 thoughts on “First sentence”

  1. I know what you’re saying… about the first sentence being important.
    but I can’t say I’d be interested right now in the “killing” part.
    but oddly enough the one book I literally couldn’t put down was YEARS ago.
    and it was The Godfather. !!! nothing but killing in that. but it was fascinating!

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