Soft food meals

I have an upper front tooth that needs to be pulled and replaced. My request for an appointment is not being answered in a timely manner. In the meantime, biting is painful so I am on a soft foods diet. I will need to be on this diet while the tooth is being replaced as well. So I am spending a lot of time figuring out how to have a variety of meals that don’t require biting anything. I can chew, I just can’t bite. And I have to be careful how I chew to keep from irritating the bad tooth so anything solid has to be cut into tiny pieces.

The meals have to have enough calories to qualify as a meal not just a snack. For instance I can have a smoothie but it’s hard to get enough calories into a smoothie.

And the meals have to have enough protein to keep me going until the next meal. Soft protein. Right.

Cottage cheese, yogurt, and eggs are pretty much it for soft protein. And I don’t like yogurt unless it is buried deep into a smoothie. But I can have shredded meat/fish if they are buried in enough other soft food. And I can have things like canned fruit and ice cream as side dishes.

But those main dishes, man, figuring out those is a real challenge.

So, here’s my ideas so far:

Dill dip with salmon stirred into it and served open face on soft white bread. I’ve already learned that two slices of bread are too hard to bite so no sandwiches with tops.

Mashed potatoes with shredded chicken and ranch dressing stirred in.

Mashed potatoes with flaked tuna, butter, and sour cream stirred together.

Mashed potatoes with flaked salmon and sesame dressing.

Cottage cheese with diced peaches along with a slice of buttered soft white bread.

Tiny squares of cheddar cheese smothered in onion dip.

Chicken noodle soup with extra chicken and crushed crackers.

Tuna macaroni salad with no celery.

Fried eggs with soft bread on the side or served open face. Not toasted!

Deviled eggs but, boy, does it take a lot of those.

Chicken nuggets cut into tiny peaces and dipped in applesauce.

What other ideas do you have for me?



3 thoughts on “Soft food meals”

  1. I put pork chops or chicken in the crockpot covered with gravy and cook until they fall apart. I also have a tooth near the bottom front that I can’t bite on.

  2. there is something called Kachava to put into smoothies or to make as a shake by itself.
    it’s supposed to give us protein. I’ve only seen the ads. haven’t tried it. but of course it’s very tasty!
    I take supplements. and I drink a little can of V8 juice every day because I KNOW I don’t eat right.
    I think your ideas sound delicious. and helpful.
    I never tire of deviled eggs! and mashed potatoes (I like your toppings for them!).
    the Internet is a great source of info. aren’t you glad we have it! because I like Pictures! xo

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