Be a blessing

I recently read a blog about a guy who decided the way he wanted to live life is to be a blessing to other people. I like that idea so I started thinking about ways I may have been a blessing to others.

That, of course, brings me to minimalism. Giving others the chance to acquire what I am no longer using is one way to bless others.

My first big one was donating to a charity shop my wedding dress many years ago. We were married in December so my dress was white velvet. I was a tiny thing back then so it was a size seven and I had to have several inches taken off the bottom. I was told I should pack it up to save for a daughter if I ever had one. I had one. At age two she was already thee feet tall so it was unlikely she would ever be able to wear my dress. Eventually, she got married in August in a state park so she would not have wanted to wear a long sleeve, velvet dress, anyway.

The manager of the charity shop was surprised I wanted to donate it. She said it was too good to display among all the other things people choose to donate. So she took it home and took pictures of it to post in the shop. A young woman saw the pictures and asked about the dress. When she tried it on, it fit her well. Since she was shopping in a second had store, I doubt she could have afforded such nice dress otherwise. I’ve always been happy to know she enjoyed having such a dress for her own wedding.

We often don’t know the stories of the people who are glad to receive our donations but I am sure there are many of them

Be a blessing; clean out the things you are not using so others may have the joy of owning them.



3 thoughts on “Be a blessing”

  1. What a wonderful story. And you made a young lady so very very happy. I do hope that those who need things can use what I donate. I also think smiling at someone and saying thank you is a wonderful way to feel blessed. Just today a young man and I were approaching the door together, him ahead of me. He looked back and saw me and help the door open for me. Now he didn’t look like he would be that kind of person (a little tough looking) and when I gave him a big smile and told him thank you, he had a huge smile on his face.

  2. I’ve given away all my good things, but I do like to thank people and smile at them. The UPS fellow today seemed to appreciate it when I thanked him and hoped he had a good day.

  3. I’m still gifting away objects, mostly in the craft supplies line – every now and then, like today I put a pile of packets on my table and truly look at them hard!
    My little bag of goodies is ready for the next trip to BB where I can usually just leave things. I don’t think I’ve bought anything from that particular thrift shop though…

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