My 10 Essentials

A blogger I read daily listed her 10 essentials the other day and I found myself wondering what mine are.

  1. What I wear: A. a long-sleeve, v-neck t-shirt usually with a hoodie. B. Crocs with wool socks if I’m going out, slippers if I’m staying home. C. glasses; never wore contacts. D. hearing aids, but only when watching TV or actually needing to be able to hear people.

2. What I listen to: silence. To me, most sounds are just noise. Dave plays his music quietly so it doesn’t bug me.

3. What I drink: Diet Dr. Pepper (one a day) and black raspberry ICE sparking water.

4. What I eat: Meat/cheese and fruit. Yes, I eat other things but those are my go to foods.

5. What I write on: My laptop mostly. Some using Notes on my phone.

6. What entertains me: My tablet–reading ebooks and playing games. Right now I am thoroughly hooked on The Sims FreePlay.

7. What inspires me: Other people’s blogs.

8. What I’d grab in a fire: My chargers! I can do nothing without my electronics.

Hmmm. That’s only eight things. I guess I’m a minimalist even in my essentials.



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