Quality over quantity

That’s what many people say minimalism is about.

You must only buy quality things so they last.

But we are old. How long must things last?

When we needed to buy new furniture in 2012 we bought it all from IKEA.

Our daughter does not want to inherit our furniture even if it was, once again, the good stuff.

So why spend money on it that would be better saved to support our quality of life instead of quality of stuff?



One thought on “Quality over quantity”

  1. Had a great reply all written and it disappeared. I don’t plan on leaving much of anything to the kid. I know he doesn’t want anything of mine which is fine with me. The only thing I need is a newer car. Daisy does a good job but she is 16 years old. Maybe next year. Hoping she makes it to Montana once more time this summer.

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