Catching Up

I finally persuaded Dave we need to just sit somewhere and catch up with ourselves. Unfortunately, we decided to do that in Flagstaff, Arizona, where there are not a lot of highly rated campgrounds. So we would up in a highly expensive one instead. A KOA. On a weekend. With all the weekend campers and their activities.

The staff drive around in a golf cart with a bullhorn announcing the next activities. Late yesterday afternoon is was story time at the Eco Park. Last night was Dominoes pizza and table games. We didn’t go to either but I do want to go check out the Eco Park while we are here. And we will be able to recycle our collection of aluminum cans here. And if I get some stamina built up the walking trail into the National Forest is near our campsite. So this is an OK place to be for awhile.

Dave spent yesterday just running errands and still didn’t get them all done. I spent yesterday sorting recipes and planning food and still didn’t get it all done. But, we plan to be here a week so maybe we’ll get everything done by then.

At least I finally started exercising again. This morning I got out my stretch band and instructions and did the warm up exercise part and my body said, “That feels good but we’re done for now, right?” Maybe next time I’ll get to do the actual exercises. 🙂

The pool here is at a health center about 3 miles down the road. It charges $5 a day for non-resident drop-ins. Maybe I’ll go do some aqua aerobics. If I get up enough courage to try on my swimsuit.

Dave just told me there’s a ten percent chance of snow here Monday morning! I don’t do snow anymore so it better not! How am I supposed to start a walking program if it snows?! Unless it melts by the time I’m ready to go outside. I’m not a morning person, you know.



4 thoughts on “Catching Up”

  1. Isn’t it great sometimes to just slow down and stay somewhere for a few days. For me staying put for a month is too long. But a week or two can be perfect after being on the move for so many days.

  2. Sounds like you have a plan and the plan is already in motion! Good for you. I don’t do snow either. I don’t do heat either. I do perfect weather best.

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